The first decentralized neural website builder

Create your website in minutes to bring your business to web 3.0


Rapid website creation
Decentralization through blockchain
Adaptive neural networks
UMCT token as the core of the ecosystem


How can our service be useful for a specific user
Marketplace builder
Connect sellers to your site, the system will automatically charge them a commission from the sale, which you set yourself
Landing Page
Create landing pages in 5 minutes with artificial intelligence
Online store
Upload products, set prices and discounts yourself
Select method of payment
Peer-to-peer transaction, cryptoprocessing payments, internet acquiring
Loyalty program
Give your customers promotional codes with a discount, arrange promotions for goods, accrue bonuses for purchases
Individual domain
Connect your own domain or use our


Anyone can use the Umchain constructor, we have identified the main business groups for whom our offer will be relevant
Startup business that wants to test customer needs
Offline business
For offline business owners who want to get more profit from online orders
Affiliate marketing
Create creatives with artificial intelligence in a short amount of time


Current functional

At the moment, our service can already generate a full-fledged landing page, with a ready-made structure, unique texts and images as well as with the ability to connect any payment method and provide hosting

Future functional

In the future, it will be possible to generate online stores and marketplaces